Reggie's Sleepout - Ames 2019

Business Council

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We are a group of student leaders within the Ivy College of Business who represent Ivy students at official University events and strive to better our students both academically and professionally. We encourage active community engagement within our Council and this year we will be sleeping out under the stars on April 26th with Reggie's Sleepout - Ames , because we believe that everyone deserves a safe and warm place to sleep at night. In Ames alone, 150-200 school-aged children are identified as homless each year, and an additional 200 Ames youth under the age of 25 are identiied as either at-risk or homless each year. Please consider supporting homeless youth in central Iowa by donating to our Business Council fundraising page.


If you are a student who would like to join us or simply need additional information, please reach out to

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